1. Pakistan-Birth and Objectives


2. The Cabinet Mission and the Muslim League Direct Action


3. Prelude to Genocide of Hindus and Sikhs


4. March, 1947.


5. Note on Attack on Gurdwara Dehra Sahib


6. The Gandhi – Jinnah Appeal for Peace


7. Frontier Province and D. I. Khan


8. Round about August 15, 1947


9. Amritsar


10. West Punjab Ablaze


11. Sind


12. Did Sikhs (And Hindus) Voluntarily Leave Pakistan?


13. Did The Sikhs Have A ‘Plan’?


Appendix – I to X


Appendix – XI to XX


Appendix – XXI to XXX


Appendix – XXXI to XXXX


Appendix – XXXXI to XXXXIX


Appendix – Atrocities 1 to 200                                          


Appendix – Atrocities 201 to 400


Appendix – Atrocities 401 to 592




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